Lei and the Invisible Island

Book 2 in the Lei and the Legends Series, coming June 4, 2024
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It turns out that curses are real.

After saving her best friend and ancestral guardian, Kaipo, from Pele the Fire Goddess’s traps, and successfully preventing lava from destroying her Tūtū’s house, all Lei wants to do is take a nap. The only problem? Kaipo’s ʻaumakua pendant is missing, and without it, he will soon rot. . .emotionally and physically.

So Lei, Kaipo, her favorite talking bat, Ilikea, and newcomer Kaukahi—a fiercely independent fashionista—set off on a journey to an invisible island where they hope to find Kaipo’s pendant. To get there, they’ll have to jump off the edge of their world, contend with sharks, and cross an ocean. And when they arrive? The crew realizes that the missing pendant is the least of their problems. For there are evil spirits gathering, and they’re out for blood.

In this exciting follow-up to Lei and the Fire Goddess, Malia Maunakea crafts a tale about friendship, family, culture, and what it means to forgive each other, and yourself.


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“Equally as exciting as Lei and the Fire Goddess (2023), this fast-paced story is full of action and humor and enriched by Hawaiian cultural elements. Lei struggles with her friendships, identity, lingering guilt, self-forgiveness, mixed-up priorities, and selfishness. Diving even deeper into Native Hawaiian culture and language than the previous title, this book celebrates family, mythology, traditions, and connections to the Earth and its creatures. Another incredibly exhilarating adventure.” —Kirkus Reviews, starred review