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I'm so excited to share JoJo's winning entry with you! I love that in her spin off idea she tackles a super important issue (and right in time for Earth Day). Watch to the end to see!

JoJo has received an early edition of LEI AND THE INVISIBLE ISLAND and joining me on a kidlit panel:

When: 6/9 at 3pm 
Where: at @chaminadeuniversity 
What: Talk Story Book Party and Author Signing

Join us if you're in Hawaiʻi (you can be a kid or adult!). There will be an author signing at 4, so bring your books! @dashophnl will have copies for sale!

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If you haven't pre-ordered, now is an excellent time!

Is this like buy 3 books, get 1 free? Or how does that math work?

Both of these books received elusive star ratings from from Kirkus reviews and would look lovely on your bookshelf. 

One is about learning that you are enough and the other is about friendship and guilt/selfishness. Both dive into Hawaiian legends and are stuffed full of humor, action, and adventure. 

Just go to and put in "Malia Maunakea" into the search (or "Lei and the", and it should pop up). Reminder, the PAPERBACK of Lei 1 is 25% off (not the hard cover)
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Procrastination at its finest. 

I had two meetings scheduled for the afternoon, which meant it was impossible for me to really get into a good writing groove until they were done (I don't know if that's an ADHD thing or not)

And I'm only showing a portion of the snacks 😋😂

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I'm so excited to share Ella's winning entry with you! Watch to the end to see how Ella would have changed the hōlua race scene in LEI AND THE FIRE GODDESS. Such a fun idea! She also shares that she'd include some other foods like hurricane popcorn and more. Check it out!

Ella will be receiving an early edition of LEI AND THE INVISIBLE ISLAND and joining me on a kidlit panel 6/9 at 3pm at Chaminade University to discuss the story and share the joy of reading with others.

Join us if you're in Hawaiʻi!

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⭐️Mahalo for another STAR @kirkus_reviews !
So glad that you enjoyed LEI AND THE INVISIBLE ISLAND! What an honor ❤️

Readers or people who know readers (😁), please consider pre-ordering this Hawaiian-legend infused adventure about friendship, forgiveness, and all sorts of fun. It'll be a lovely surprise when it arrives in June!🥳 Just in time for summer reading! (link in bio or pre-order wherever books are sold online). 

Pre-orders are incredibly helpful for authors because they give the publishers a sense of how many books to print (we ran out of books for LEI 1 when they were first published, so this is REALLY helpful).

An exciting follow-up to Lei and the Fire Goddess features a mysterious, invisible island, dangerous spirits, and a newcomer who does not need Lei's help . . . or does she?

After saving her best friend and ancestral guardian, Kaipo, from Pele the Fire Goddess's traps, and successfully preventing lava from destroying her Tūtū's house, all Lei wants to do is take a nap. The only problem? Kaipo's ʻaumakua pendant is missing, and without it, he will soon disintegrate . . . emotionally and physically.

So Lei, Kaipo, her favorite talking bat, Ilikea, and newcomer Kaukahi—a fiercely independent fashionista—set off on a journey to an invisible island where they hope to find Kaipo's pendant. To get there, they'll have to contend with sharks, jump over a rainbow, and literally float on clouds. And when they arrive? The crew realizes that the missing pendant is the least of their problems. For there are evil spirits on this island, and they're out for blood.

In this exciting follow-up to LEI AND THE FIRE GODDESS, Malia Maunakea crafts a tale about friendship, family, culture, and what it means to forgive each other, and yourself.

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